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Interior work progresses at Beacon Heights

Custom bespoke storage units are tailored to the clients design.  Luxury kitchens and bathrooms are fitted with Porcelanosa Italian tiles.  The downstairs heated with underfloor heating and zone controls for convenience.  The Maxiom team progress the internal works to a high standard at Beacon heights.

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Timber Frame rises at Beacon Heights

The semi-detached homes at Beacon Heights use a timber frame structure.  The homes take shape after a successful few weeks and promote the space within.

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Foundations begin for spacious semi-detached homes

The Beacon Heights project begins an exciting new build for  semi-detached homes.  The build is situated on the upper street with a fantastic view of the Brecon Beacons.  These homes attractive spacious design excel the average build of large development companies.   One side has extended into the attic adding a fourth bedroom with a second staircase.  High in demand both sides are sold, plans are already submitted to begin another set in September 2015.

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Executive Home with Renewable Energy

This fabulous new executive home has been fully fitted out with renewable energy sources.  These include air source for the underfloor heating, thermal solar for the domestic hot water and solar PV for efficient electricity.

Boiler Room